I kindly request that you arrive at the agreed-upon time, as I do not prepare earlier than necessary. I will provide you with additional information about my condo at the time of our meeting. Please note that I do not reside at my incall place, and I carefully plan my schedule to ensure that I am ready at the scheduled time. Thank you for your understanding.

When you meet me, you will meet the woman in the pictures. Just as I plan to meet your expectations, I have a set of expectations to be met.


I prefer bookings to be quick and easy. When contacting me, please include your name, age, ethnicity, preferred date and time, type/duration of appointment, and any references you may have. I strongly encourage inquiries to be booked twenty-four hours or more in advance. Please be mindful, I live a full life outside of being Adrianna and same-day requests are likely to be declined. As a morning person, I do not offer late night rendezvous. 

An inquiry does not constitute a booking. As someone who values quality connections, I also screen for compatibility. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me why you think I am the right match for you.

I do not talk on the phone or reply to any calls. If you keep asking me to talk on the phone, I will have to stop replying to you and decline the booking.


*** I am very sensitive to perfume/cologne or any man made scents of any sort on you or your clothing that can linger at my condo. Please do not wear any for our meeting. Thank you 🙂 ***

To maintain a comfortable and organized environment during our session, I kindly request that you place all your belongings, including your watch, glasses, key fobs, and any other items, in the bathroom. For NURU appointments specifically, I will show you a couple of drawers where you can safely store everything. It is important that nothing is left in the bathroom as we will be showering together after the NURU experience. Additionally, I kindly ask that you refrain from wearing glasses in my bedroom.


Please be respectful of my time, just as I am of yours. If you’re running late for our date, please inform me immediately with your estimated time of arrival. Appointments up to five minutes late won’t be affected. However, if you’re running 10 minutes or more late, our appointment will be shortened and still end at the originally scheduled time, but my full donation will still apply. If we’re having a good time and you’d like to extend our date, I’m happy to oblige if my schedule allows it, but please ensure my donation has been taken care of before we proceed. In-date extensions are possible.


I understand that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. Any cancellation made more than 24 hours before our scheduled date will not be subject to any fees. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled date will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the booked appointment. Same-day cancellations are subject to full payment, so as a no show. Please notify me as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation. After two consecutive cancellations, I will no longer accept booking requests from you. In the rare event that I have to cancel our date, I will offer the option of a refund for any deposit made or to hold the deposit to secure a future date.